The first integrated diagnosis and treatment guideline for cancer in China has been completed

The first integrated diagnosis and treatment guideline for cancer in China has been completed

A few days ago, jointly organized by the China Cancer Association and the China Institute of integrated medical development strategy, Fan Daiming and other 10 academicians took the lead in formulating the first integrated diagnosis and treatment guide for cancer in China, which was jointly compiled by 3131 national authoritative experts and reviewed by 246 academicians of the two academies, and was released nationwide. It is simply called “CACA guide”. Adhering to the concept of integrated medicine, the guide covers 53 cancer species, with a content of 3.7 million words. Its English version is simultaneously issued to foreign countries. The guide focuses on the whole process management of “prevention screening diagnosis treatment health”. It is a local original research achievement based on domestic medical big data, focusing on epidemiological characteristics and the genetic background of Chinese people. It forms a development trend of “three pillars, complementary advantages and parallel development” with the NCCN guide of the United States and the ESMO guide of Europe, and will provide clinical guidance for the Chinese oncology community, Help and promote the realization of the cancer prevention and control goals of the healthy China action (2019-2030).

Guidelines for integrated diagnosis and treatment of cancer in China

The CACA guide has now completed 38 intensive reading tours of different tumor types in 13 provincial capitals in China, which were broadcast (reported) to the whole country by 2103 central and local media. 330 million medical personnel and the public watched it online and offline, setting off an upsurge of “learning to the south, using the guide and complying with the standard” in the national cancer medical community. The CACA guide has also opened up an innovative development path for the original cancer medical guide in China to follow and lead. At present, a series of promotion activities of CACA guide “entering the campus and going down to the grassroots level” are being carried out, and it is expected to complete more than 2500 sessions by the end of the year.

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