How to Prevent Gastric Cancer?

How to Prevent Gastric Cancer?

Gastric cancer is one of the major malignant tumors endangering human health. Its incidence rate is rising year by year. Many people found it in a late stage. Even if gastric cancer is cured, it is only clinically cured. Clinically, it can reach a five-year survival period, even if it is clinically cured. In addition, your diseased part and surrounding lymph nodes must be removed, which greatly affects your future quality of life. So, Early prevention is very important to avoid suffering from this kind of suffering. So, what aspects of life should we do to prevent gastric cancer? Now, I will explain some precautions in life to prevent gastric cancer.

1.Don’t drink ice water!
Many people like to drink a glass of ice water in hot summer or after strenuous exercise. It is cool and thirst quenching, and they feel very comfortable. In fact, this habit is very bad. After the ice water is poured into the stomach, the temperature drops suddenly. The stimulation to the stomach is particularly strong, and the gastric peristalsis is slowed down. In severe cases, stomach cramps may even occur. In hot weather, the blood flow is fast. Ice water may stimulate blood vessels, which may cause damage, and in more serious cases, stomach bleeding may occur. In the long run, it is easy to suffer from stomach diseases, such as gastric ulcers, which have buried hidden dangers for your stomach cancer. Therefore, do not drink ice water, warm water is the most appropriate.
2.Avoid overeating.
Overeating can be said to increase the digestive burden of the gastrointestinal tract, damage the gastric mucosa, lead to gastric bleeding, gastric ulcer, and even more serious cases of gastric perforation. You see, we don’t pay attention in our daily life, so we have some stomach problems, which increase the risk of gastric cancer. Therefore, sometimes for the sake of their future quality of life, it is OK to eat until they are not hungry.
3.Don’t smoke.
Many people will have this question, isn’t smoking the main cause of lung cancer? What does it do to stomach cancer? In fact, the smoke will still enter the gastrointestinal tract, and the harmful substances such as nicotine in the smoke will stimulate the gastric mucosa, increase the secretion of gastric acid, damage the gastric mucosa, cause gastric mucosal bleeding, and gastric ulcer. At the same time, the carcinogens in the smoke will also increase the probability of suffering from gastric cancer. In fact, smoke is the source of all evils, which is not only harmful to the stomach, but also to other organs. So, quitting smoking early will help your health and your family.
4.Don’t drink.
Many people like drinking at parties, especially when they are on an empty stomach. Too much alcohol, especially when the empty stomach is not protected by other food residues, can cause severe irritation and damage to the gastric mucosa. In severe cases, they will drink and bleed. Over time, it may develop into gastric ulcer, or even lead to gastric cancer. In addition, long-term excessive drinking also causes great damage to the liver. Many alcoholic livers are formed in this way because of cirrhosis of the liver, which leads to stomach bleeding. In a word, no matter what kind of stomach disease is caused, there is a risk of stomach cancer. So, drinking less is good for feeling, and drinking more is bad for health.

Bland diet

5.Bland diet.
Many people like to eat spicy food and drink strong tea. In fact, a small amount of spicy food is helpful to keep warm in cold weather, but spicy food will neutralize gastric acid, stimulate and damage the gastric mucosa, and it is easy to cause gastric ulcer in the long run. While something like coffee and strong tea can be eaten less, and more can lead to ischemic necrosis of gastric mucosa and gastric ulcer. Of course, in addition to these, some people like to add a lot of salt in their dishes to inhibit gastric acid secretion, damage or eat some pickled food, which contains nitrite, a carcinogen, and increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, try to have bland diet.
6.Keep your mood comfortable.
It is inevitable that people will encounter some difficulties. At this time, they need to keep a relaxed attitude to face it, which is not only conducive to solving problems, but also conducive to preventing stomach disease. Because when people are under great mental pressure, they will stimulate and affect the autonomic nervous system, stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric acid, produce excessive pepsin, stimulate and damage the gastric mucosa, and cause gastric ulcer. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a pleasant mood.
7.Sleep regularly enough, don’t overwork.
Insufficient sleep and excessive physical exercise are likely to lead to ischemia of some organs of the body in a short time, including the gastrointestinal tract. The ischemia of gastrointestinal tract will lead to dysfunction, secretion dysfunction, excessive secretion of gastric juice and damage to gastric mucosa. So a good sleep is necessary. Of course, sleeping late and getting up late, sleeping irregularly and exercising excessively are also undesirable.
8.Pay attention to personal hygiene.
Many people do not pay special attention to their personal food hygiene, or go to some restaurants with substandard safety and quality to eat. However, the bowls there are clean and not disinfected. They may contain bacteria that specifically damage the gastric mucosa, such as Helicobacter pylori, so they have stomach disease. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to food hygiene Of course, except for eating, brushing your teeth and eating with dirty hands may cause infection. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. The toothbrush for brushing your teeth should be clean, and the catering equipment should be clean.
9.Proper exercise.
Proper physical exercise every day is conducive to improving the resistance of the body. If the resistance of the body is improved, the ability to fight against pathogens will be improved, which can well prevent the occurrence of cancer. Moreover, appropriate daily exercise can also delight the mood, relieve fatigue, delay aging, and maintain skin luster.
10.Go to the hospital for regular inspection.
For those who have chronic stomach disease or can’t do the above, especially those who are middle-aged, I suggest that they should go to the hospital regularly for inspection, early detection and early treatment. If they really have stomach cancer, they will be late to go to the hospital for inspection.

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