Can eating spicy food prevent cancer and heart disease?

Can eating spicy food prevent cancer and heart disease?

Recently, a study from the American Heart Association found that pepper may have a significant impact on health. The association’s preliminary study shows that people who eat peppers may have a much lower risk of dying of cancer and heart disease.

This latest study involved the analysis of thousands of existing studies, and finally extracted data of more than 570,000 people from multiple countries or regions with health and diet records. The researchers compared people who ate peppers with those who did not, and found that spicy vegetables have many potential benefits. Among them, compared with those who did not eat peppers, the study found that those who ate peppers had a 26% reduction in the probability of death from cardiovascular causes, a 23% reduction in the probability of death from cancer, and a 25% reduction in the overall probability of death.

The senior author of the study, M.D., explained: we were surprised to find that in these previously published studies, frequent consumption of pepper was associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Cardiologists point out that it is still a mystery why peppers can provide such benefits, so it is not clear that regular consumption of peppers can help prolong life or reduce death caused by heart disease and cancer. In order to understand the relationship between pepper and health effects more comprehensively and confirm whether these preliminary findings are tenable, other studies are needed.

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